ANGOZA was established in 1992 and registered under the Land Perpetual Succession Decree in 1993. It was later (in 1996) granted with a certificate of compliance under the Societies Act of 1995.  It was established by 12 member organizations and therefore set the record of being the first NGOs network in Zanzibar. ANGOZA can be regarded today as having established itself as the main umbrella organization for Zanzibar CSOs during the last few years. The total number of member organizations has been growing steadily, and currently has about 230 members, 50 of them are from Pemba.

Overall Goal

To strengthen capacity of NGOs in Zanzibar on policy engagement and analysis, advocacy skills and resource and information sharing in order for them to actively engage towards positively contribution to implementation of Growth and Poverty Reduction Strategy in Zanzibar.


  1. To increase the institutional and Organizational capacity of ANGOZA by the year 2015
  2. Enhance CSOs capacity to engage in Policy Processes.
  3. Promote existing resource centre to cater for the resource and information sharing.


Vibrant, effective and accountable ANGOZA members working towards sustainable development and improve the livelihood of all Zanzibaris.


Strengthening NGO members’ capacity to promote socio-economic development in Zanzibar through policy engagement, advocacy, and information sharing and networking

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